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Swarovski Psychology of Colors Program

Colors have a psychological effect on us. Swarovski is the foremost company who incorporates colors in different shapes, different level of faceting, and of course different sizes of wearable objects so that we can wear them as accessories to keep us in cheerful mood every day.

August Color - Rose Water Opal

September is the fifth month of the Swarovski Psychology of Colors program. Each month a new color will be introduced to explore.

For the month of September, the color is Peridot.
With great emphasis these days on sustainability and nature, green hues are highly sought after. Light Greens are particularly energetic, evoking the spirit of nature. Peridot has a soothing, healing effect on the whole body, and is a useful means of keeping yourself grounded. It symbolizes: Nature - Health - Peacefulness.

Please click here to see all the Peridot color items we currently stock.

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