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Product Finder offers beads and beading supplies at wholesale prices. Free shipping option within USA is also available when a minimum of $75 order is placed online.

With over 10,000 beads, findings, charms, and sterling silver jewelry supplies we have been a great source of beading supplies for thousands of customers over the last 20+ years. If you have difficulty locating these on our website, call us at 407-370-2929 weekdays 10a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Jewelry is the perfect way to add just the right detail to any outfit. A large statement necklace with blue rhinestones, sterling silver beads and lavender Swarovski Crystal Beads can help bring attention to the wearer's elegant blue eyes and delicate bone structure. While buying jewelry is fun, making your custom pieces is an ideal way to express your creativity. Fortunately, you can find a large selection of beading supplies and items like sterling silver jewelry supplies, wholesale beads, jewelry beads, Swarovski Beads, and even Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski Beads at Bead Wholesaler.

Beading Supplies

Buying your beading supplies and wholesale beads and pieces from has many advantages, even if you only do the occasional custom jewelry project in your spare time. A hobbyist will find the prices are worth it for them for a few projects even if purchased in small quantities.

We have a huge stock of items on hand that any customer can choose from both online and in our store. This selection can be much larger than the selection of general beads and pieces and more specialized items like Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski Crystal Beads offered by many local craft stores. If you're looking for several shades of dark green rhinestones or subtle sterling silver beads, Bead Wholesaler often has it right in our store.

Wholesale Beads

Purchasing wholesale beads is ideal for the specialist. If you love to make custom jewelry each week, and sell your creations to friends and even online at online auction houses, buying items from Bead Wholesaler is the perfect way to make sure you have what you need for your business at all times. Bead Wholesaler has not only more common items like beads in bright and fashionable colors, but other more difficult to find items like sterling silver jewelry supplies as well.

We make the process of creating custom jewelry easy by allowing customers to buy from our website or our store in Orlando. Our website has features that indicate all sorts of useful details about the beads available for purchase. This includes the exact dimensions of the item as well as the particular shade and materials used. Many pieces also have detailed descriptions of the origins of the materials used including the country where it is from and how it has been used in previous years.

We even offer design suggestions for our pieces as well as online videos where you can learn about previously unknown jewelry making techniques.

Your success is creating custom jewelry and your satisfaction is very important to us. We take your orders very seriously and we don't believe in surprises! Our customers have been very pleased with our excellent service and quality products.

Give us a try and see for yourself!