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We sell sterling silver wire, fine silver wire, silver filled wire, gold-filed wire, and copper wire by weight.
You save money when you buy in bulk. All wires sold per ounce coil or spool. Copper wire is sold per 5 ounce spool.
You will get different footage of wire in an ounce depending on the gauge (thickness) of wire. As you may already know that higher the gauge thinner the wire. So you will get more feet of wire of 24 gauge in an ounce then you will get 18 gauge wire.
We carry round wire, half round wire, square wire. We carry these in gauges ranging from 14 Gauge to 30 gauge. Most popular gauges are 20, 22, and 24. Wire we sell are either half-hard or dead soft.
Please note that you should order your wire carefully by knowing the right gauge and type of wire. These bulk wire coils/spools are not returnable due to the nature of the product.

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Brass Plated Wire
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Copper Plated Wire
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Gold Plated Wire
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Hematite Plated Wire
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Silver Plated Wire
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Sterling Silver Wire
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Fine Silver Wire
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Silver-Filled Wire
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Gold-Filled wire
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