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Preciosa Rhinestones

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Preciosa® crystals are crafted with the highest precision cuts, making their synthetic gems almost indistinguishable from their natural counterparts and ideal for jewelry making.
The MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa® are the highest quality crystal brand available on the market, and the best alternative to Swarovski® crystals, which will be soon unavailable for customers due to recent changes in company policies.
The Preciosa® MAXIMA Crystals lead the European luxury hand-crafted market of custom jewelry creations.
The MAXIMA crystals are the latest and most advanced rhinestones from Preciosa delivering unparalleled lead-free* brilliance.

Preciosa® employs state of the art technologies on its crystals to achieve the level of precision that gives this product its unparalleled sparkling aesthetic.
These premium lead free genuine Czech crystal stones have a special Neon Coating which glows under UV light.
The Maxima is made with machine cut, 15 to 18 facets crystals to feature its perfect geometry.
Each features its unique specific cut designed to produce the same sparkle effect, optimizing its dispersion of light.
Generating a unique combination of larger and smaller facets, reflecting 264 unique rays of light, making this the world's most brilliant flatback.

The Maxima crystals create the highest available shimmering effects on the market.
These stones have a highly resistant multilayer satin foiling that protects against damage while intensifies their brilliance.
These follow the highest environmental and sustainable practices on its manufacturing process.
The quality of the Preciosa® MAXIMA crystals will add more sparkle, luxury, and value to your hand-crafted, custom jewelry creations.
Recognized by fashion industry professionals for their impeccable light dispersion and extreme durability, these Flatback Stones come in a rainbow of captivating colors and coatings.

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Preciosa Maxima Flatback Rhinestones (Non Hot Fix)
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Preciosa Maxima Hot-Fix Rhinestones
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Preciosa VIVA12 Flatback Rhinestones (Non Hot Fix)
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