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Swarovski & PRECIOSA Flatback Rhinestones

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We wholesale PRECIOSA and SWAROVSKI crystal Rhinestone flat backs in many shapes and sizes. Based on their backing they come either foiled, also known as Glue-on or Non Hotifx (NHF) or with Glue, also known as Hot fix which requires heat to melt the glue to adhere to surfaces like fabric.

We currently sell them in factory pack quantity at very competitive prices. These rhinestone flat back factory packs are all assortable (mix N match) for higher quantity discount. If you buy a total of 5 or more factory packs, then the price level 2 applies to all of them. If you buy a total of 10 or more rhinestone/flat back factory packs then the price level 3 applies to all of them.

We also carry Adhesives for Rhinestones.

As a we now carry a large selection of high quality known as MAXIMA line of PRECIOSA flat back as well as hot fix rhinestones which are listed alongside Swarovski rhinestones on the below pages. As we run out of stock of Swarovski rhinestones, we will be replacing those with the comparable quality (MAXIMA product line) Preciosa rhinestones.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the Preciosa rhinestones are relatively cheaper than the Swarovski rhinestones and so will also be saving money using Preciosa rhinestones.
These Preciosa rhinestones will be listed on the same page where Swarovski rhinestones are listed so you can see all the color selection of a certain size rhinestone on one page whether it is Swarovski or Preciosa.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that OPENED FACTORY PACKS ARE NON-RETURNABLE. Please click here to browse our new Shimmer Flatbacks, ideal for performance costumes.

*** You may also purchase these from our no minimum purchase required website, Please note that the pricing there may be different. ***

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Glue On Flat Back Rhinestones
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Hotfix Flat Back Rhinestones
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