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Glue On Flat Back Rhinestones

Height Spacing Images

Glue On Swarvoski Elements Flatback rhinestones, also known as No Hotfix flatbacks or foiled flat backs can be easily applied to a wide range of carrier materials, where ironing is not possible. They are durable, long lasting and versatile.
The most common of these is 2028/2058 series flat backs in sizes ranging from SS5 to SS48. The SS3 and SS4 come in the 2000 series flat backs.
We carry other shapes also such 2200 series (Navette), 2300 series (Teardrop), 2400 series (Square), 2035 series (round chessboard), 2483 series (Mosaic), and 2493 series (Square chessboard).

We currently sell them in factory pack quantity at very competitive prices. These rhinestone factory packs are all assortable for higher quantity discount. If you buy a total of 5 or more factory packs then the price level 2 applies to all of them. If you buy a total of 10 or more rhinestone/flat back factory packs then the price level 3 applies to all of them.

If you are looking for something that we currently don�t carry, please let us know and we can special order that for you subject to appropriate minimum quantity in a very timely manner as we get shipments from Swarovski at least twice a week.

We also carry Adhesives for Rhinestones and Rhinestones setting tools.


Height Spacing Images
2088 - Shimmer Coating Flatbacks
Height Spacing Images
2000 - Glue On Flatbacks
Height Spacing Images
2028/2058/2088 - Glue On Flatbacks
Height Spacing Images
2035 - Chessboard
Height Spacing Images
2200 - Navette
Height Spacing Images
2300 - Teardrop
Height Spacing Images
2400 - Square
Height Spacing Images
2483 - Mosaic
Height Spacing Images
2493 - Chessboard
Height Spacing Images
Height Spacing Images