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Swarovski Crystals

Be sure to checkout our Swarovski Gift with Swarovski Purchase Holiday Promotion ending on 12/31..

Inventory Clearance Sale

100's of Swarovski Crystal beads at bargain prices... While quantities last. No backorders..

** Swarovski Crystal beads, pendants, pearls shown below are at 20% discount from the regular wholesale prices **
** Last Updated July 5, 2014 **

Swarovski 3700 - Margarita Beads
Swarovski 5000 Round Beads
Swarovski 5301 Bicone Beads
Swarovski Pendants
Swarovski 5000 20mm Rounds
Swarovski 5040 Briolette Beads
Swarovski 5041 Briolette Beads
Swarovski 5052 Mini Round Beads
Swarovski 5053 Mini Square Beads
Swarovski 5328 Bicone Beads
Swarovski 5600 Offset Cubes
Swarovski 5601 Cube Beads
Swarovski 6301/6328 Top-Drilled Bicones
Swarovski BeCharmed Briolettes
Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Swarovski Fancy Stones
Swarovski Frames
Swarovski Sew-Ons
Swarovski 5003 Disco Balls
Swarovski 5020 Helix Beads
Swarovski 5150 Modular Beads
Swarovski 5181 Keystones
Swarovski 5200 Ovals
Swarovski 5203 Polygon Beads
Swarovski 5205 Long Bicones
Swarovski 5305 Saucer Beads
Swarovski 5308 Concave Rondelles
Swarovski 5309 Rounded Bicones
Swarovski 5310 Simplicity Beads
Swarovski 5400 Cone Beads
Swarovski 5500 Drop Beads
Swarovski 5520 Graphic Beads
Swarovski 5523 Cosmic Beads
Swarovski 5600 Offset Cubes
Swarovski 5621 Twist Beads
Swarovski 5650 Cubist Beads
Swarovski 5742 Heart Beads
Swarovski 5744 Flower Beads
Swarovski 5754 Butterfly Beads
Swarovski Custom Coatings