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Greek Ceramic Beads

These Large Hole Ceramic Beads from Greece work with 2mm Leather, wax cotton cord, Hemp etc . These are handmade Greek ceramic beads and will also work with Rice jewelry, hair wraps and resort wear. They are popularly known as mykonos beads also. Shapes and sizes available are - Mini Tubes, Large Tubes, discs or washers, squares etc. Don't forget to use these with Greek Metal Beads, findings and spacers.

CT1 - 6x4mm Beads
CT1 - 6x4mm Beads (BULK)
CT11 - 10x6mm Beads
CT11 - 10x6mm Beads (BULK)
CT2 - 8x5mm Beads
CT2 - 8x5mm Beads (BULK)
CW1 - 8x2.5mm Washers
CW1 - 8x2.5mm Washers (BULK)
CT7 - Square Bead
CW2 Washers
CW3 Washers
CW4 Washers
Fancy Beads